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Praise motivates

We may say thanks, offer a handshake or leave a tip. It's not that your gesture is ignored but everyone has already moved on. Have a nice day. Get out of the way.

Everyone is carrying a heavy load. You really can care just a little bit more. You can easily send a ripple of goodness into the world that reaches beyond your imagination.

Here is a tool, a token, with which random acts of kindness become easier to do. Doing the random thing well means being prepared. Gear yourself up for the day by searching for opportunities to lighten someone's load.

Look for it. There are no end of possiblilties.

Why? Because when they smile back at you you get a rush, too. A dose of dopamine, a shot of seratonin, a little less cortisol coursing through your veins. Less stress. Better life. Win. Win.

Being grateful is fine. Actually it's great. We can provide a way to manifest gratitude in the external world. Your world.

Get some samples in your hands now. And give them away. That's the magic.

We'll be talking about fundraising opportunities soon. Keep your eye on the fundraising category blog space. It's the middle of March 2013. We're getting right on this.



Our main objective is to get you to hand a Mini-Thanks card to another person and find out how much fun it can be for YOU!
We are happy to send samples in the mail. Click the Free tab to the left. We will continue to do that as long as income matches or exceeds expenses.

We thank those that are able to support our GoodWork cause through orders or donations.

Thank you and keep up the good work!


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Our customers

Our customers are:

• owners
• managers
• educators
• administrators
• citizens

In others words; everyday people that already know the benefits of sharing recognition. It's good for the organization, project, mission, team, and good for the very person that starts the ball rolling.

We provide Greetings, Congratulations, Happy Birthday, Thank You and, Keep up the Good Work; note cards, postcards and bookmarks in English, Spanish, French, German or Latin.

Custom packages available for your organization, mission, or team. Standard and custom packages available for teachers and schools.


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